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Personal Training Sessions

Receive one-on-one personal attention to help improve specific injuries, fitness goals, or core strength/balance. Personal Training is on your own time, we give you options of locations to meet up for our workout, you choose wants the most convenient for you and its done! Group training is not for everyone and sometimes you may need that personal attention to help take you to that next level. With one-on-one training sessions you learn proper technique, in-depth individualized workout regimens, and added step of motivation to keep you focused and achieve every fitness goal!

Unlimited Bootcamp Sessions

Receive UNLIMITED sessions to our bootcamp classes each month. Our classes are based off a twist of simplistic movements with a fast paced feel. Creating a high intensity, fun atmosphere, and injury free workplace that allows you to build lean muscle tissue and shed body fat at the same time!  Become leaner sooner than you think! These classes are about 45 minutes -1 hour long and focuses on dividing the muscle groups of body so you are never over training the body! This program allows ANY ONE to come to class when it is convenient for them and a time they choose. (Mothers, business men, students, etc.) Come try out a class for yourself to experience it for yourself.

Online Diet & Workout Program

You receive access to our Invite Only Flex Fitness LLC Application (iOs & GooglePlay.) With full access you will be assigned workouts whether at home or in the gym with videos showing proper form, meal plan recommendations to fit macronutrients, AB program, and allows you to log in food by the scan of a barcode and automatically notifies us of your activity to allow maximum amount of accountability! With this application it will allow us to stay in communication, whether national or international, throughout the process and will allow Flex Fitness LLC to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Small Group Training & Corporate Wellness Program

Are you and a couple of your friends, or coworkers interested in living a healthier lifestyle, having fun, and achieving fitness goals?  We offer Small Group Training/Corporate Wellness Program to those who want a little more individual attention to meet your needs. We offer personal training sessions to people just like you to make sure you stay motivated and see results.

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